Artist Statement

Jo Ellison in a Community Artist who's work embodies facilitating visual artwork with young people and in communities alongside her own art practice. She often explores themes of emotional wellbeing, both explored through her own paintings and within workshops, facilitating a variety of visual creative workshops with people of all ages and abilities. Jo also creates public art pieces, both developed through workshops and on commission.

Jo's painting practice often explores emotional wellbeing and decision making. Her current work explores periods of transition or waiting for transition. This project includes a series of self-portraits and explorations of environment, looking at space and our perception of space in relation to mental state.

Jo has a fascination with paint as a liquid, exploring control but also play, using liquid colours which dance across the canvas. This mirrors the subject matter in her paintings, learning to take control of some aspects of our existence but also accepting that some things are are outside our control. In this sense her paintings explore emotional wellbeing, developing a healthy relationship to our environment. She chooses to look for beauty within the paint's natural development, as the paint flows over the canvas and encourage it. She chooses when and where to intervene organically through the painting's development, to encourage desired effects and to prevent or change the course of unwanted effects.

As a community artist Jo is experienced in facilitating visual creative workshops with people of all ages and abilities. Recent projects have included creating a mosaic with young adults in Shadwell in partnership with Streets of Growth and facilitating after school clubs for primary school children with Agora Arts Circle.

Within her community art practice Jo is passionate about seeing individuals grow in confidence and develop their individual voices. She encourages others to express themselves, primarily through visual arts but also other means if more appropriate. She is experienced in working with all ages and abilities, wanting to see individuals from all backgrounds have opportunities to engage in the arts.


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